ef ār ai ī en dī es.

Basiclly, this will go about me talking about what I appreciate in friends, how hard I have fell with trusting and all that meh.

Friends. Why do you need friends? (The first paragraph in English essey) Because… Everyone need a part of social life, a place, people group you fit in. People who have the same interests andhas the same sense of humor as you. People, who believe they can trust you, people, you believe you can trust to. Because we all have bad times and it’s a way easier when you tell it to someone and know they won’t tell it to anybody else, that they’ll keep it between you and them. Faith. Needed. Very. (saying and knowing, because has trusted and crushed to faithless people, hurts, after all.)

However, why do you (that is, I) have friends? All the above. And funneh fun that only we understand. So called, ‘inside’ things. They understand. Most part of them. The real friends understand or atleast have the want to understand, if they don’t. Those who are just like ‘Yeah, meeh, me and fox are friends. She is wierdly funny ass.’ Umm, just?

EXPLAIN. Why is the girl (you-know-who) calling me an ass, bitch and other nicelly rude words, just because she is having a bad time, hm? Like, I know, I annoy her. But seems like everyone I know does. Then why I am the bitch with self-confident face? Then why all my best’s are self-confident asses? We know from where does the drama come. Oh, yes we do. Seriously, I am being hated for being who I am. Being funful, positive, happy, wierdly random and doing things I like. Are all those qualities really negative? Wait, where? Yes, I am cynic and that migh be sort f negative but, although,  that is just part of my sense of humor. And if you know me enough, you know I am not really serious about it. Why so serious? Also, sarcasm. Put it in the same place where my being cynic.

As Pedro said today- “I am being a bitch to those, who I dislike.” I dislike only those, who are bad to me. Why? You see any reason to be all over nice to anyone who dislikes/hates me and are bad/rude to me in serious way? DO YOU?

Un tad tev sāp
Un tad tu melo uz līdzenas vietas
Un tad tu gribi darīt tieši tās lietas
kuras tev, tev nesanāk
Tāpēc tev sāp



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