Fontaine Festival`13

Hello, here, have some feeling of the rock’n’roll,  badass soul of Liepāja- Fontaine’sIMG_2856
friends ccc:::::IMG_2857
skats uz Gypsy camp skatuvi no mūsu numuriņa loga/
a view to the Gypsy camp’s stage from our hotel room’s windowIMG_2862 IMG_2869
attitudeIMG_2872 reflectionIMG_2875 Tesa!IMG_2892 vienmēr ‘jā ‘ kafijai/
always a ‘yes’ for coffeeIMG_2901 cav, tēti, es tevi stalkoju./
hi, dad, I’m stalking you.IMG_2902 IMG_2911 Kaiva mācās sist ritmā/
Kaiva learns to hit in the rythmIMG_2913 Visu gaišu. Piecos no rīta mūsu ceļš ved atpakaļ uz Rīga./
Farewell. The road takes us bac to Riga at five o’clock in the morning.IMG_2928 IMG_2931


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