The tales of Norway II : In the brunches of Igdrasil

Jauna diena ir klāt, 19. augusts./
A new day is here, the 19th of August.
IMG_125 Sveika, Stokholma!/
Hello, Stockholm!IMG_3654 Meitenes ķer sauli./
Girls are catching the sun.IMG_3656 IMG_3659 Šis ir Svampen (zviedru val. ‘svamp’ – ‘sēne’) ūdenstornis ./
This is Svampen (Swedish ‘svamp’- ‘mushroom’) water tower.IMG_3668 IMG_3669Un šādi izskatās zeme no tā./
And this is how the world look right from it’s top.IMG_3674 Gluži kā rāpjoties pa Igdrasila zariem un paveroties apkārt./
Just like if climbing the brunches of Igdrasil and taking a look around.IMG_3675 Skaistas sejas augstu debesīs./
Pretty faces high in the sky.IMG_3677 IMG_3679


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