Petersburg’s diaries I : радуга

5th of June
We drove from Riga through Estonia to Pskov, where we had our first legit stop- we had dinner in a “restaurant” called радуга (“rainbow” in Russian). I’m surprised I don’t have any interior pictures of the place. However, it had a very preserved soviet vibe. We had a soup for the first and mashed potatoes with salad and some meat for the second dish. I, of course, skipped the meat. Later on we learned that that’s what our meals are going to consist of mostly- mashed potatoes.


The banner of the place.

The yard of the Pskov Kremlin

Inside of it. Accidentally took an experimental photo, it wasn’t intentionally, but I’m glad of the outcome. Oh, orthodox churches with their golden everything.


We reached our “home” for the time being there in the evening. It must’ve been around seven or so. We stayed in the dorms of St. Petersburg university of Humanities and Social Sciences.



In the evening we decided to walk around a bit to check out our surroundings. As we understood, we were located in the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

I apologize for the bad quality photos from phones, but I wanted to add them for the sake of memory collecting. (: Thanks Gundega for sharing with the selfie.

Experimented a bit with that long exposure there.

And that’s it for day 1 in St. Petersburg.


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