Petersburg diaries II : Peter and Paul

6th of June.
In the morning/early afternoon we had a dance concert in Child and family assistance centre in Primorsk district.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Meadow of flowers.
Me and Everita didn’t have belts for this costume so, yes, those are leggings… Needles to mention we were totally not in the spirit of dancing. That was also our only concert in the whole trip. We usually have at least three.

Outside the Center, waiting to go to the bus.


After the concert we went to Peter and Paul Fortress, where we had a guided excursion.

Waiting to go inside.

Inside the Fortress


Later on we had an excursion through Petersburg, a few of us got dropped off by a Metro station with our teacher Anna and we walked around a bit. We couldn’t decide to which coffee shop to go, because some of us were eager to find a Starbucks. We ended up in “Coffee House” which is a big cafe-chain in St. Petersburg. We had some coffees and later on made our way back home.

At the central station we discreetly bought some bits and bobs as a gift for Anna, because it was her birthday the following day. Later in the evening, when it was past midnight, we went to her room and greeted her.


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