Dance camp 2014 | Rēzekne

This year our dance camp took place in Rezekne and we had a wonderful chance to spentd the whole week in Zeimuļis


Here are our girls after the competition in Rainis park


A view from our stairs to Zeimuļis roofs


Through Rezekne

Rezekne’s house of culture- Gors

From the inside


boys playing


this year’s fashion show- “Mum’s/ Granny’s sweet 16”

on the last day before the grand finalle we went to Daugavpils, saw some churches and had a free time afterwards

a lady in a flower dress and Daugavpils market (p.s. in the market I really had a feeling like in that famous Polish market,
where I haven’t been at yet, but there were different kind of sneakers, shirts, jackets, phones and no one really spoke Latvian)27_MG_7772

Kai caught a cat

We decided that we have to sit down, we’re finally in a big city, there must be a fancy place. And we found it.
Luna* was a fresh cafeteria/pizzeria, it was very europian and rather atypical for Daugavpils.
However it was splendid, coffee offers where wide just as in a serious coffee shop (and my heart melted when I tasted the maple syrup latte)
It cannot be that I experimented with reflection photos again! No way!

Later on we all went to Daugavpils fortress, where we had a picnic and then visited Mark Rothko museum


On the last eve we- the famous five- decided to take a walk through Rezekne’s streets.
We found local art…

…drolled under bridges…

Checked out Gors in the dark…

We also went coffee and food hunting to the nearest Hesburger,
got a rain showe and got to a conclusion that it would be safer to carry a cobblestone around in case if we need to defend ourselves

On the last morning before breakfast, Zeimulis and castle mound where covered in fog.


On the road back to Riga, dad decided to drive around. We stopped at Teiču National park and climbed the watchtower,
later on we stopped at our beloved Statoil gas station and couldn’t stop thinking about the wonderfully spent week.56_MG_7896


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