Silent Saturday

On the second day at country side my dad took us to the nearest town- Kandava. And left us there for the whole day as we explored the town and it’s surroundings. It’s odd for I have been there uncountable times but have never decided to go to the places that we did this time. It’s amazing how friends inspire you to do things you wouldn’t do alone.


However, first some morning vibes


Dad let us out in parking lot by a shop which was near to Abava, so I decided to show my friends what’s it about and how lovely it is.


Here they are, my sweethearts, on a bridge crossing Abava. And as you can tell, we had a stop in Statoil and grabbed some coffees to go on our way to the town.

On our way to the centre of town we encountered the famous Acorn fella’ loved by all. We shared some love for him and took off to the Kandava castle ruins up the hill.
(both pictures by Mari)


From the ruins, a view far as the eye can see covered in fog. Spring pastels.

Hello, hello, hello
(by Krii)


We stopped in this cafe for it’s called as my mums name- Ieva. Mari and Krii ordered a vegetable soup (which should differ from the meat soup which was also listed in today’s menu) which sadly had loads of meat in it and above it all was overly salty. We ate the bread, used the bathroom and left discreetly.


Hola to the far end of town where I’ve never been on foot, only passed by in a car.


We filmed a really spiritual video on this road side, Krii was probably high on the fresh air. I bet we all were, oxygen tends to do that. However, this is…not the aftermath of it, we’re fulfilled with energy and ready to experience. (by Mari)

Again the three explorers. Krii took a sudden turn off the road as he followed a spring, which came streaming out the woods. Me and Mari found a path close by as Krii almost literally walked through the spring.
(first two by me, last by Krii)

That was a magical spring, really. It had different kind of seashells and beautiful rocks, covered with tiny algae. We also spotted a tiny frog and Mari tried to catch it, but it ran, more like swam away in the spring. I have a video of it, hopefully some day I put all the video fragments together.

Krii was drumming on a fallen tree with his palms there, I was playing with a branch of a bush of some sort, with the tip of my nose.
(Krii by me, me by Krii)


After spending some time by the spring we decided to move on and followed the path that had led us in the forest even deeper.


A fungi family on a fallen tree


sisters by Krii


bond with nature. By Mari


We came out near a small amphitheater already in the outskirts of the town. It was getting late so we started to head back home. At first we thought we might walk all the way back, but it’s actually a pretty long walk. We managed to get to the Statoil on the corner of Ventspils highway and that was about one third of the whole road.


Your typical post card from the Latvian country side.

On the road. Details.

The famous motorcycle on the road to Kandava. It used to serve as an advert for a motor-service  back in the day but I’m not sure if the place still exists.


Just an other sky photo, capturing the setting sun in the West.
By this time we’d reached a place called Līgas, which is on the corner of Ventspils highway and Kandava’s road, also where the Statoil is located. We sat by the water and rested a bit, because we thought we might actually walked further.

We sat there and enjoyed the view and discussed how the trees and the reflection of them look like sound waves. “All is one, everything’s the same.” (:

Reflections and the sky

Us, there, resting from the long walk.



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