Night creatures

As we got home on Saturday, we ate and rested and watched some movies but felt full of energy again at the night fall. We decided to experiment with some long exposure photographies and I am very proud of what we have created


The ghost of me.
Our first attempt of long exposure was not so late at night so my dad joined us and turned on his pick-up’s lights. It was a magical view. The old grass covered in fog, only part of it visible due to the lights, everything else- a complete darkness. And above us- the Milky Way.


Capturing the moonlight. Long exposure makes it seem like the middle of the day.


Mari by the pine, Krii running around with a mobile phone flashlight. Shot by me. Magical. Reminded me of the “Dienrādis 2016” planners photographies.


Stock-photo Kandava. A very lucky shot, just the right exposure and composition. Shot by me.

On the left- a one-line drawing in light attempt by me, shot my Mari. On the right- I don’t even know what it is, a chaotic creation of light, smoke and cigarette coal created by Mari and Krii.


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