at ease

When we got back from Pedvāle the sun was shining. How ironic. However we used the good weather in our behalf and went to chill outside. We made some coffee and with our cups in our hands strived to an old mill close to our home. I think it is on the border of our territory and no one cares for what’s happening with it.


ruins and nostalgic ceramic mugs. the kind of a Sunday.


Was it the fresh air again or inspiration gained from Pedvāle? Krii put matches in the holes of a fly bane and slapped himself in the face with it. Later on he found out that this construction makes a rather nice sound when slapped against a concrete construction that was lying there on the ground. Mari tried to record the sound.

Sister sits and sister sips




That behind her are ruins of an old factory of some sort that a friend of a family who lives in our country house used to work in back in the day.
Am in love with this post-apocalyptic vibe of the place. We all enjoyed it so we couldn’t resist not taking some artistic photos and videos there.

(by Krii)

And this is the end of our Easter adventures.


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