The man’s back solid

On Sunday we went to Pedvāle. We tend to go there everytime when we visit our country home. This time it was like a family trip of sorts, because my little cousins with their folks had also decided to spend Easter in the country side.
The weather got worse when we arrived. It was cloudy, cold and breezing.



The gate in Pedvāle. Every one ever visiting the place takes the exact same photo.

I have a similar photo where I sit on probably the same shroom when I was little. I wanted to find that picture and put them together… Well, someday, if I’ll remember. The one on the right is one of the best selfies we have. Honest.

I’m absolutely in love with pictures with me in the foreground but out of focus, because what’s behind me is more important. Such touristic vibe to them. Similar to this and this (I’m so young, oh man) .


(by Krii)

Catching those alien signals and mostly hiding from the wind.
(by Krii)

Hello, it’s me. Left by Krii, right by Mari, she thought my hair looks very pretty.


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