“Vilciens uz Madonu”

I have decided to go expensive and spend my money on film, because analogue photography has so much more feel to it.


Approximately a month ago we went to Liepāja, mainly for Seeburg 2016 (I’ll talk about that on the next post, stay tuned). Festival took place on Saturday, so we had a free Sunday and decided to make it worth by hitch-hiking  to Rat’s country house near Latvian-Lithuanian border.

The trip was super lucky, there were five of us hitch-hiking in two groups, Rat and her Kristiāns stood in one place and we- me, my Kristiāns and Kra- went further, so it would be easier to get a ride. A van stopped and took Rat and Kristiāns and then stopped by us and took us as well. 

HAVE YOU EVER GOT SO LUCKY?? And that is not just it! The girl took us half way to our destination so there were about 20-25 km left and we split up again and…. the same story again. A van stopped an took us all right to the place we were going to. Amazing, how lucky you can get if you just get out there and try.


We reached the house and felt a bit tired, it was a rather hot day and we had spent a part of it on the road. We rested in the nicely cool house for a while and went through the wardrobes and dressed up. Then we decided to go exploring.

The forest near the house was absolutely stunning! It felt like from a dream or a fairy tale, the sun was shining through the trees and everything was so green, we wanted to stay there and explore more but since it was such a wild place, it was swarming with blood-thirsty insects and we just couldn’t stand it. I really wish to go back there and explore.

As we went back me and Kra felt like in a movie, she was dressed up like a madman that has escaped mental institution and I looked like a Canadian tourist, I had an orange shirt with turtle neck that I barely got on, shorts and, obviously, an old snapback, we all had old snapbacks.


It is always a great mystery what will come out of the analogue camera since you can’t really change any settings (for these photos I used a 90’s camera that has only one button- *snap*)

So here is a dark photography of Kristiāns playing his pocket operator in a partly collapsed barn. It only got scanned from a film and I didn’t get a developed photo on paper.

And at this point came the title- “Vilciens uz Madonu”/”Train to Madona”.

Kra was standing there in the doorway, after she had found the old teapot and put a  tulip in it, and she said that she feels like on a train, on an old train where you can go outside at the end of a wagon. Then she tried to think of a place where to go and Madona came in her mind. (Also, a funny little side note- it turned out that way that she celebrated the summer solstice near Madona… What are the odds.)



Put us on a cover of a magazine, I think we deserve it. (:
Life is basically an amusement park, fantasy world, a game, a story, a book and you better make it great. You are not the author, thou you might be, but in general, you are a character. A story with plain characters has nothing to it, you have a chance to make it colourful. Do it!

Sorry for getting too inspirational but that is the idea behind what we do for fun. Not to make others impressed by us, but to have a great story to know and only then tell further and at the point when we are haring the story as I am now, I do not care that much about that this was US that had this amazing time, I care about the amazing experience and feelings this story has.



Me and my precious boi <3


Kra is pure art, I cannot comment anything else, she just- ah, she’s great, man, in every single way.



If you take a closer look you can see all the neighbors’ cows out there in the field. The feeling is absolutely great when you wander off a little and you are surrounded by the nature only, no cars, no big houses, just a small country house and a field full of cows in front of you. The sky is also different at the country side. And the air, oh, the air! Long story short, everything’s better at country side.


On the left- waiting for Rat’s dad to come and pick us up, heading home
On the right- back in Liepāja, spending time by a pond near Rat’s and Kristiāns’ homes.


Although we were rather tired, we hitch-hiked back to Riga on that very evening. It was around 9.30 pm when we finally got out of Grobiņa, where we could start to hitch-hike. We got a ride pretty fast and they had a seat in the trunk! Never seen such a thing! However, it was around midnight when we got to Jūrmala’s highway and we tought that here we have to magically get another ride, but the guys were so kind and took us almost to our home. Thank you!!


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