Kolka Warm

Around three weeks ago we went to Kolka and stayed at Kriii’s dad’s ‘country’ house. We have digital photos somewhere, but I am keeping my analogue theme, at least for a while, here. No strict boundaries, if I’ll wish to post dig photos, I’ll sure as hell do it.


Anyway, Kolka is all about the seaside and the woods, right, and the fresh, salty air that comes along with it. Although it was rather cold by the seaside on the day we arrived, the weather was a lot better the following day.


“Do you want to go to the seaside? I’m not trying to say that everybody wants to go…” The Kooks are in my head as the wind is running through my hair and sun is too bright for my eyes.


That is the best spot to watch the sea, let the wind do your hair and listen to it’s songs while it’s at it.

Sea grass and sand waves.
I’ve always loved how the wind forms these wave like paths in the sand just as water does. All is one. c:


I mean, we had to take an analogue selfie by the sea, right?


This is the bath house in which we also lived in for those lovely two days we spent there. Sadly, this time we didn’t go in the sauna, although everybody else did. But that just gives us another reason to go back there someday! c:


The evening sea, so wild and free,
ocean waves and waves of the wind
the never stopping flow around the Earth


Day two welcomes us with some clouds and despite the fact that we wanted to get up early…we didn’t. We slept in till midday and only then had breakfast and went adventuring. Last time we felt extremely adventurous, but this time we felt more like sitting and home and drinking tea more that exploring the seven seas.

But we still did walk around a little.


I am so happy this picture down below came out so great. We did some digital shots as well, but you know, nobody wants to waste film.
Throwing seashells, call me a mermaid or something.


My boi in the forest, my boi by the sea. (By the way, it’s not like I don’t know how to spell boy, it’s just that it sound like it should be written with i and it has a kitch note to it. c; )

Alone in the sea. 001548400017


p.s. thanks for reading, leave some thoughts down below, I’d love to hear them.


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