This summer solstice me and my sister Kra decided to go to Baltic retreat centre near Skulte. They had a fire ritual planned for that night and it’s a lovely place in general. Kra already knew the people there so it wasn’t all that confusing and awkward as it could be.

It was a magical experience non the less although you could feel in the air that some people were not ready to simply be. I do recommend you all to try it or something similar but only if you feel ready for it, when you are sure that no stupid thoughts will appear and stop you from being free.
I also embraced myself, put the fear away and walked over hot coals. For a moment right after I passed the coals I thought a small coal has stuck between my fingers but it wasn’t and my feet were absolutely fine. I know it’s all a mind game, it’s how you view the feeling- extremely hot, painful or just as a harmless feeling. I would surely try that again sometime.


On the second day we wanted do get up early but we, obviously woke up around 12.30 p.m. Well, what else do you expect after spending the whole night wide awake waiting for the sun to come up?

Lovely Lāsma made us some leftover soup from the previous day and after “breakfast” we decided to go adventuring in the river near the house.


I told Kra to mind the finger just before this shot…. and…. well…. However, everything that you can see in the picture is great. Oh, the analogue love.


Some shots I took with my sis all around the river


Later on we, well, not exactly went for a swim, but laid in the river naked for a while until we got cold and that’s when our adventures in the river came to an end.


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